from 2013 Independent Chicago Songwriter Festival, released October 15, 2013
Guitar- Chris Darby, Steve Leaf, and Martin Schneider
Violin- Claire Wellin
Harmonica- Ryan Suzuka
Chris Darby- Verse 1
James Musselman- Verse 2
Charles Murphy- Verse 3
Claire Wellin- Verse 4
Steve Leaf- Verse 5
Martin Schneider- Verse 6
Emily White- Verse 7
Justin Birchard- Verse 8
Emily Palmer- Verse 9
Ryan Suzuka- Harp Solo
Erin Frisby- Verse 10




Chris Darby

Chris Darby is a folk musician whose true home is anywhere his music takes him. Though his singing sometimes reaches the ferocious roar of a territorial lion and other times sinks to the gentle whisper of a wise sage, his vocal style embodies a rare emotional honesty which captures the full range and depth of his life experience. Sign up for the Newsletter here- www.eepurl.com/Lgoz5 ... more

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